Thank You From Varsity Volleyball


Varsity Volleyball was able to raise well over $2,000 due to the support of the Williston community. To everyone that came out – you were an amazing crowd!  While I’m coaching, the focus is on the court.  But when I turned to see what a player was smiling at during a time out, I was amazed at the turnout!

Now that you know how much fun volleyball games are, we’d like to see you fill those stands more often!!!

Didn’t get a t-shirt and still want one?  Shoot me an email with your shirt size.  These will be CASH ONLY sales.  $15.

Special thanks to:
Phil Angelo for being the Wildcat
Boys Water Polo for running around in their Speedos like crazy people
Soccer and Field Hockey for teaming up and raising funds to fight something that affects us all

And again, thanks to  YOU – WILLISTON!!!!!

Enjoy the weekend, y’all!
Ms. Chambers

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