[Video] On Shooting TEMPUS by Charles Frank ’13

“TEMPUS” was one of those spontaneous pieces that had absolutely no planning. I was spending the weekend in New Jersey working on pre-production for a mini documentary I’m shooting in March, when I suddenly turned to my friend Jake (the co-director of “TEMPUS”), and said, “Let’s shoot something this weekend.”

Within a few hours we had conceptualized a video, scouted a location, acquired free equipment, and found a third crew member to help us out. With a backpack full of snacks ready, Jake and I picked up our dancer and crew the next morning, and began shooting on instinct with no real plan of attack. After five hours, the sun started to set, and Jake and I retreated to our editing station.

For 10 and a half hours through the night we edited and finished “TEMPUS.” Thus far, “TEMPUS” has drawn attention from director/cinematographer, Philip Bloom, cinematographer of “Act of Valor,” Shane Hurlbut, and lastly, Red Bull. Hope you enjoy!

TEMPUS – Sony FS700 from Jake Oleson on Vimeo.

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