Williston Places 19th in 2013 Green Cup

Hey Wildcats!

The final National Ranking for the 2013 Green Cup Energy Challenge is out today from the Green Schools Alliance.

As you can see, Williston Northampton places 19th out of 117 schools.  We should take pride in the steps we took towards this initiative.  Students and dorm parents consolidated food to one fridge in order to unplug an unnecessary one.  Our community used natural lighting from the sun instead of turning the lights on with the shades closed.  Wise choices were made in the use of common space lights and appliances during the day and in study hall.  Conscious decisions were made about personal use of laundry rooms and dorm room lighting and appliances.

When we return from spring break, remember that small things add up over time and we make collective decisions that impact all of us.  The amount of CO2 we conserved from entering our atmosphere by reducing our electrical energy consumption over a four week period is significant.  Imagine what we can do over the course of a whole trimester, year, or lifetime?

Matt Spearing
Director of Student Activities

“For God’s sake, be economical with your lamps and candles! not a gallon you burn, but at least one drop of man’s blood was spilled for it,” from Moby Dick by Herman Melville

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