Michael Conlin ’72

ConlinMichael P. Conlin, 59, a man who could enter a room as a stranger and leave as a friend, died September 7, 2014.

Michael was born in Worcester, MA to Daniel and Carol (Sloan) Conlin. He attended Assumption Prep and graduated from Williston Northampton School where he excelled at cross country and track. He attended UMass and pursued an avid study of Irish language at the Elms, in Ireland, and at schools and conferences throughout the northeast.

Many remember Michael for his work in scouting. He was scoutmaster for TR 110 in Westfield, and founded and led TR 210 in Southampton. He received the Silver Beaver award for his work creating and implementing the Chief Warner Jr. Leader Training program.

He was an owner of the Wintergreen Kennels in Southampton, steering the business through decades of growth and success.

His deepest love was for his family. Michael and his wife Judith (Miller) would have celebrated 40 years of marriage in October. His daughter Flannery Wiemer and her husband Kristopher are the parents of granddaughters Isabelle and Grace. His son Jared and wife Melissa (Partridge) are the parents of his granddaughter Gwyneth. Michael reveled in his role as “Seanathair” to the three girls and was proud to see his two children grow to be accomplished, successful adults. He actively shared a love and appreciation of the family land and its history.

He leaves his father Dan, and his sisters Lori Conlin Riley and Patricia Conlin Shreve and their families. He also leaves Kate Miller Carl, Elizabeth Miller Grasty, Louisa Miller Hoar, Bruce Douglas Miller and their families. His mother Carol, his brother John, and sister Kathleen Conlin Towle predeceased him. Numerous nieces and nephews knew that they could count on Uncle Michael for a listening ear and commonsense advice. Michael was a steadfast friend who inspired loyalty and challenged preconceptions, and he is missed.

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  1. Mike was a great schoolmate. That skinny kid could really run but had the good sense to slow down to get to know Judith. Our heart felt condolences to Judith, his children and extended family.

  2. I was shocked and saddened upon hearing the news of Michael’s passing. We shared a wonderful year together at Williston. I have fond memories of Michael as we sang together as Caterwaulers and performed together on stage in the theater. I was nice seeing him from time to time at reunions. Always a smile and kind word for everyone. My sincere condolences to Judith, also our classmate, and Michael’s entire family.

  3. Very sad and shocking news. I always enjoyed our conversations at reunions. And such a gracious host at the post reunion Sunday breakfasts in their home. My deepest sympathy to Judith and their families.

  4. For Judith, Mike’s family, and all our classmates who admired and loved him, this is a loss that leaves a hole in the heart. Michael captured a terrific “high school sweetheart” and soul mate in Judith. And Judith captured a warm and affable man with a limitless capacity to embrace others. I can still hear Mike sing with me in the Caterwaulers. He so well defined our class, and the marriage between Mike and Judith so perfectly defined the merger of Williston-Northampton. I am deeply saddened.

    Steve August ’72

  5. I shall remember Michael for his kindness and his friendship. My thoughts and sympathies go out to Judith and their children. I am deeply saddened.

  6. Mike and Judith have always been the perfect hosts whenever I have come over from the UK to attend Reunion. Both made me feel at home when I first arrived at the School from England as an exchange student in January 1972. Mike was someone to admire as his talents and kindness were plain to see. It’s a great sadness to me to realise that one half of the magnificent partnership has moved on. Mike’s enthusiasm for his business led me to believe he ran the best kennels in Massachusetts – I’m pretty sure he did!

  7. I am stunned to hear about this. Mike and Judith have been wonderful at all our reunions and we have always had a wonderful brunch on Sunday morning at their place. I was on the cross country team with Mike for two years and he was a great captain and fierce competitor but always a great teammate. I feel so sad for Judith because she and Mike were certainly soul mates, if that can be said about anybody. And, yes Richard, I think they did run the best kennels in Massachusetts. My sincere condolences to Judith and all of the family.

  8. This is very sad news. Mike was friendly, talented and kind — and a generous contributor to our class while we were at Williston and beyond. My sympathy goes out to Mike’s family.

  9. I am stunned and saddened beyond words. What a crushing loss. I knew Michael like a brother. We met as 14-year-olds at Assumption Prep, and were roommates in our first year at Williston. Friendships formed at such a young age are always different from those formed later in life. We have not yet become practiced at deception: We are who we are. What I saw then, and forever more in Michael was a quirky and incisive intelligence, a boundless curiosity and immense enthusiasms, a fierce sense of loyalty, rock-solid values and a profound human decency like none I have encountered since. You always knew Michael would do what he thought was right, no matter the consequences. It was no surprise to me that Michael would later become a Scout leader and mentor, and have such an indelible influence on so many young men at formative stages in their lives.

    What some of us were privileged to see between Michael and Judith was one of those great, epic loves that we so seldom actually encounter in life. Those of us lucky enough to share time with them as their reunion guests at the homestead were able to catch a glimpse of the wonderful, family-centered life they had built together.

    Prayers and condolences to all of Michael’s family and devoted friends, especially to Judith and their children, Flannery and Jared, and to the grandchildren on whom I know Michael particularly doted. Those of us devastated by this loss can only begin to guess at theirs.

    So many of us loved you, Michael. You are greatly missed.

    Bob Grenier ’72

  10. My heartfelt condolences to Judith and her family. If we mourn the loss of our classmate, how much deeper is the sorrow of those whom Michael held most dear. I remember attending Judith’s and Michael’s wedding 40 years ago this fall on the rolling, autumn-tinted swells of Wintergreen Hills, and, as I drive past them on Route 10 to visit my dad still in Southampton, I have always been moved to know that their bond resonated in that spot and space. Michael, we will miss your warmth, your wit, and your Caterwauling. Judith, please know that we are here for you and your family to help you in any way we can. Much love to you all, Sheila ’72

  11. I am still in shock over this unexpected and untimely passing. Mike was one of the warmest people I have had the privilege of knowing. Our prayers and thoughts are with Judith and her family right now and I hope they are at peace knowing Mike made a difference to a great number of people.

    Mike Romano ’72

  12. Thank you everyone for your kind words about Dad. He devoured knowledge for the sake of knowing it which I think is a noble pursuit. My personal favorite memories are of playing cards with him especially cribbage. He is missed by all of us.
    Jared Conlin ’98

  13. Michael’s passing really saddened me. He was a man I admired, a man who loved his wife and children, and who treated everyone with compassion and respect. He was a brother Caterwauler; and he enjoyed singing so much. I will miss him.

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