Dr. Elizabeth Andrew ’68

Elizabeth Andrew '68Dr. Elizabeth M. Andrew, 64, a Memphis pediatrician for 23 years, died at home on Monday, April 6th after a courageous battle with cancer.

In addition to being a strong advocate for children and adolescents and their health and wellbeing, Beth was an avid gardener,  a long-time member of the Memphis Symphony Chorus and an accomplished photographer, knitter and runner. Beth competed in road races across the country, completing numerous half and full marathons, including the Boston Marathon in 2006.

Beth was born in New York City on December 6, 1950 and moved with her family to Easthampton, MA in 1953. She was a 1968 graduate of Northampton School for Girls and a 1972 graduate of Reed College in Portland, OR. Beth then moved to Cambridge, MA, where she met her lifelong companion, Thad Nowak, from Atchison, KS. Beth received a Master of Nutritional Science degree from Cornell University in 1977. After working for three years at the Tufts New England Medical Center, she entered New York University School of Medicine, receiving her Doctor of Medicine degree in 1984. Following a medical residency at the University of North Carolina’s Memorial Hospital, Beth practiced pediatrics in Silver Spring, MD before moving to Memphis, Tennessee in 1992. There, she joined Memphis Children’s Clinic, where she continued to practice until shortly before her death.

Beth is pre-deceased by her father, Dr. E. Donald Andrew of Easthampton, MA and is survived by her mother, Dorothy H. Andrew of Northampton, MA. In addition to Thad Nowak, of Memphis, she leaves six loving siblings and their spouses: Thomas A. Andrew (Class of 1970) of Pawtucket, RI; Susan L. Andrew (Class of 1972) of Dickinson, TX; Julia Andrew Emerson (Class of 1974) of Amherst, MA; Douglas E. Andrew (1971-1974) of Florence, MA; Bruce A. Andrew (1972-1974) of Easthampton, MA; and Margaret E. Harris (Class of 1983) of Kahului, HI. Beth was also the daughter-in-law of Henrietta M. Nowak of South Bend, IN, sister-in-law to 10 brother- and sister-in-laws, and the beloved aunt of seventeen nieces and nephews. Beth will also be sorely missed by her two wonderful cats, Diego and Mercedes.

There was a remembrance of Beth and her passion for gardening at the Memphis Botanic Garden on April 17, 2015, and there will be a celebration of her life on July 19, 2015 in Amherst, MA.

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  1. Beth was a quiet, intelligent, pretty young woman who, in my memory, never engaged in gossip or typical mean spirited teenage girlish deama. She always held herself with dignity; I wanted to know her more, but her genius dazzled me a bit, my being an intellectual weakling. I was a “boarder” which meant that my parents had money to put me away in the school. Beth was a graceful presence in our class meetings, strange little get-togethers… I can see her face so clearly now. She seemed full of grace and peace. I’m just sayin’…in the meantime, I was on the cliff of a sixties suicide, ready to jump. Look at what a wonderful life she had. Wish I had known her more. Hope others from class of ’68 will pay respects.
    Rest, Beth.

  2. I agree with Susan, the word poised comes to mind. Too young , my heart goes out to those she left behind.

  3. Beth was a prototypical big sister, always looking out for her younger siblings and also for our mother after our father died. Our father was just 57 at the time of his death, so both he and Beth died way too early. They set the bar very high for me and my siblings in many respects, including their compassion for others, work ethic and especially their kindness. I know that countless numbers of teachers in the Easthampton public schools, NSFG, Williston Academy and/or Williston Northampton School looked forward to having yet another Andrew in their classes, due in large part to the standard that Beth set as the first in our family to attend these schools.

    I have fond memories from my childhood of visiting my beautiful big sister in the afternoons at NSFG, oftentimes in the dorm rooms of her boarder friends. I was thrilled to receive my own acceptance letter to NSFG in 1970 and be able to follow in her footsteps. My 9th grade year at NSFG (the final year of its existence) was one of the best year’s of my life. I will miss my sister Beth tremendously.

    1. Julie,
      Bethie and I were good friends as teens and we continued that friendship into adulthood. I wonder if you would publish the details of the Amherst memorial service for those old friends of Bethie’s who would like to pay our respects to your family. Thank you.

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