Sherrie Ann Gordon ’00

SherrieSherrie-Ann Latoya Gordon was born to Beverly and Dorrick Gordon on May 5, 1982. Sherrie was a spicy, creative, giving, selfless person.

Sherrie believed and exemplified what it meant to put GOD first. She was brought up in a loving Christian home and at a very young age made the Individual choice to dedicate her life to Jesus Christ. She made it clear to everyone she came in contact with that her goal on earth was to bring glory to GOD in everything she did. Making God pleased with her life was her number one priority; no amount of money or status would ever change that for her.

She attended Bethlehem Baptist Academy, Williston Northampton School and Trinity College.

Sherrie Gordon was a writer, public speaker, philanthropist and social entrepreneur. She was a firm believer that everyone should have access to information. Her goal was to break down the barriers that inhibit individuals, particularly people of color, from accessing information to improve their quality of life. Her firm that focused on audience-centered design that helps leaders, organizations, corporations and technical experts more effectively share information. She specialized in program design, panel moderation and presentation coaching so that conference and workshop attendees are fully engaged and HAVING FUN.

Prior to HSRS, she worked at AARP for ten years and has served as the managing director for Multicultural Markets & Specialty Programs in the California State office. Sherrie has held several roles within AARP, including Sr. Associate of Operations for the AARP Connecticut Office; as well as Program Coordinator for Volunteer Engagement; and Project Manager for AARP International.

Her philanthropic and civic contributions include serving as an active alumna of Williston Northampton School and the African American Board Leadership Institute. In 2013 Sherrie Gordon was appointed by Governor Jerry Brown as a State Commissioner on the Dental Hygiene Committee of California.

After being diagnosed with stage IV ovarian cancer in March of 2015 she paused everything to focus on regaining her health and strength. She always believed that GOD was her healer and that he had chosen her to carry out a huge task for him. She was a willing vessel, telling Him how much she loved him every day and making sure her family and friends were taking care of themselves.

Sherrie will be deeply missed by all her family members and the scores of people who knew and loved her, but she leaves behind a rich legacy of living out the scripture “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added unto you”. God loaned the world one of his angels and He has taken her back to be a part of His heavenly army.

She leaves behind her beloved parents, Beverly Gordon, Dorrick Gordon; three siblings Jacqueline Gordon Elleston, Kimberly Gordon, and Derrick Gordon; three cherished nephews Joseph, Matthew, and Daniel Elleston; and countless friends who’ve become like family.

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  1. Sherrie Ann was a kind soul who helped remind us all to speak up for what we believe in and and to confront challenges with confidence; from racism, to peace on earth, her voice could be heard.

    She was the first person to introduce the word “Namaste” to me in 1998, Suggesting all Willistonians should greet in this manner. Ever-busy, and always heading to a meeting, or preparing for a speech, she was working to change people’s perceptions and lives.

    Sherrie was often found breaking boundaries and redefining stereotypes; going from not knowing how to swim, a Black woman playing on our high school water polo team! What an inspiration.

    Her earthly energy will be missed, Namaste my friend…the light within me bows to the light within you!

  2. Sherrie was one of the most amazing people I have ever met. She will be greatly missed, but never forgotten.

  3. Sherrie was one of the bright spots in my time at Williston. She was a selfless giver, an empowerer, a role model and a kind soul who challenged stereotypes.

    She is gone too soon from this world, but the brightest lights never truly go out, they just move beyond where we can reach them.

    I wish for strength and peace for those most touched by her loss.


  4. Sherrie was truly a unique person as I have yet to meet anyone that even comes close to the energy and light that she radiated. She was younger than me but taught me so much. I still can’t believe that you’re gone – love you and miss you.

  5. Sherrie was a great inspiration and an even greater person. May her positive and energetic service to her community be an example for all who knew her.

  6. Sherrie was a year younger than I, but mature and wise beyond her years. She made everyone that she encountered want to be a better person. While I did not have as close of a relationship with Sherrie as I would have liked, just knowing her changed me and those around her. Every person in Sherrie’s life became a better person just by knowing her. I am grateful that we have kept in touch over the years. May her family find peace as Sherrie takes on this next journey.

  7. Sherrie made an ever lasting impression on each person she came in contact with. May her beautiful spirit and energy continue to surround her family and friends. Rest in peace Sherrie, and keep us on our toes just as you did when you were on this Earth. XOXO

  8. Though not close to Sherrie, I could not forget her warm welcome with a bright smile on her face when I first joined Williston. She was the star of our class – always positive, cheerful, vibrant and friendly. Sherrie will be greatly missed. RIP.

  9. Grateful beyond words that this gifted soul made her way to Los Angeles! The City of Los Angeles Commission on the Status of Women expresses sincere gratitude for the lives you touched in such a short span of time. Wishing the Gordon family peace and healing.

  10. Rie, I can still see you now on the basketball court at Williston. So much heart, so much hustle, and with your usual big smile. It seems unfair that you are gone, but I am so thankful for your faith and your love of God so that I am confident that you are at home and at peace. I always knew you would do big things – and it’s been so great reading about your amazing work and the profound impact you had on so many lives. All my love to your family at this very difficult time.

  11. I met you while attending One Church International in Los Angeles. I can not begin to describe how quickly I grew to respect your brilliance, admire your creativity, and be inspired by your love for Christ. You will be greatly missed. I mourn the times that we did not get to share, but celebrate the times that we did. May God envelop You in His light, joy and infinite love. Until we meet again…

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