Christine A. Pratt ’68

Christine Anne Pratt, 71, a thirty-year resident of Belchertown in Western MA, passed away on March 27, 2021 in Northampton, surrounded by close friends. Christine’s life was devoted to the service of mankind through work for social justice and racial amity and her lifetime commitment to spiritual development. Most of all, Christine wanted to touch people’s hearts, to inspire, and transform. She touched many hearts.

Christine was the daughter of Lyndon E. and Ann (neé Gray) Pratt and grew up in Norwell, MA. She graduated from Northampton School for Girls (now Williston Northampton School) and New England College, 1972, majoring in Education.

Throughout her school years, Christine was active in athletics, theater and the creative and literary arts. She acted in stage plays in Massachusetts and Connecticut. For over twenty years, Christine worked as a teacher and administrator in early childhood education. Both of her parents instilled in Christine a deep love and appreciation of literature. For the last two decades of her life, Christine developed her craft in writing and was lauded as a gifted poet. Her poems are published in many literary journals and anthologies.

Christine joined the Baha’i Faith after college. She served on Baha’i Institutions in many capacities and positions. Behind all of Christine’s pursuits was the ideal of a unified and diverse world standing on the pillars of justice and love. She brought a spiritual perspective to community building. Her commitment to social and racial justice was reflected in her membership in the NAACP and long-standing involvement in Citizens for Racial Amity Now in Amherst, MA. Christine was also an avid student of native indigenous teaching.

Quabbin Reservoir in Belchertown, with its wildness and expanses of water, was a place of spiritual connection for Christine. As a child and as an adult, she found inspiration and peace through her long walks in the woods. Nature was her companion and teacher.

The spirit of Christine lives on in her poetry and in her dedicated life of service. Christine leaves four brothers, three nieces, and six great nieces and nephews as well as many close friends.

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