9 thoughts on “Robert H. Montgomery III ’64”

  1. sending my thoughts to all bob’s family

    he was one of the great guys i encountered at williston
    i didnt keep in touch like i should have and have missed out on many great memories i am sure

    please accept my thoughts

    barry quinn

  2. Bob was at the tippety top of looks, personality, and hearty, conducive, behavior, the best symbol of that a great school could ever have. I saw him ride in like on a horse, in his trademark trench coat, belt flapping, as stylish and full of life as ever.

  3. Monty, that square jaw, broad smile, those bright eyes, always warm and charming (well, almost always). He was a wonderful leader and a classmate who really had a positive influence on me and “the Williston experience” – definitely someone I will miss and whose memory I cherish.

  4. Monty was my idol, bigger than life while at Willy. One day in 9th grade, at the lockers below the pool, he was goofing around and he goosed me with his hockey stick…leaving a splinter you know where, I had to go to nurse Vernon to have it removed! I’m still in therapy over that! just kiddin. In ’64 Monty was Capt of an undefeated Football Team, played great defence on and undefeated Lacrosse Team and lost very few Hockey games his senior year..pretty cool.He passed way too soon,he will be missed, blessings to his family.

  5. Such sad news to hear about Monty. I remember him as always smiling, always in good spirits, optimistic – good looking, athletic, smart, accomplished. He was a great competitor and teammate on all the athletic fields and a wonderful guy to have at Williston. My condolences to Christine and family, and to the Williston family.

  6. I spent the last five days with Monty in Florida before he passed away on February 8th. Sometimes we forget the heroic efforts of the people left behind. HIs family did an amazing job supporting him and making this process as comfortable and pain free as possible. I will miss Monty as a good friend and one that I could always count on. Maybe more importantly I salute Chris his wife, son Robby, daughter Heather, and brother Billy who with sensitivity and courage gave Monty the dignity he deserved during last days.

    Thanks also to Cadwgan, Tyler, Durrell, and Keegan who showed up the next day on Saturday to pay their respects to Monty and the family.


  7. He was a good guy at Willie. As an underclassman, I always looked up to him. My sincerest condolences to his family. We lost a good one.

  8. I reconnected with Monty only a year. year and half or so ago and even then was sad to learn that his health was not the best. But for the short time we did reconnect it was good! At the Memorial get together at his and Cindy’s home it was great to see Keegs, Duff, Jungle and Durrell and meet Monty’s kids et al. What do I remember….cold days on the pond playing hockey. Sometimes having to clear the rink in order to practice/play. I loved hockey and can still see all of us blowing our breath into the air…..Dick Curtis….the biggest defensemen we had….I remember. May Monty rest in peace and his family find consolation in the many things he did for so many people he encountered in his life.

  9. Though I didn’t know him well, what I do recall about Monty is he was very popular on campus. I know he holds a special place in the hearts of my dad and siblings in their capacities of teacher, coach, and classmate. He will always be one of the many fine folks that come to mind when my family talks about Williston and the many friends we made as a result of being part of this terrific community.

    My husband and I extend sincere condolences to Monty’s family. May he rest in peace.

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