John Joseph Bergen III ’69

John BergenJohn Joseph Bergen III passed away March 26, 2014.

A man of generosity, integrity, precision. Dedicating his mathematical and scientific aptitude to a career in Aerospace Engineering, earning three honorary Phd’s. No brag here, nor for his creative and artistic brilliance, developing graphics software and interactive entertainment before its time. Well done, John.

But his steaks, keep ’em rare, artichokes tender. Foodie, palate pleaser, environmentalist at heart, east coast to west, rock climbing to riflery, wingtips or white tennies, his character always true. Another round, drinks and ammo, another drag, cigarette and Boss 302.

We will watch Cosmos.XO Rhonda, John IV, Jacqueline, Wendy, Mimi, and friends.

2 thoughts on “John Joseph Bergen III ’69”

  1. I am deeply saddened and my condolences to the family…John was my best friend in high school…He was the definition of “cool”…We had so many crazy times from Franzels Tavern in Port Chester to Trader Vic’s at the Plaza (courtesy of Admiral Bergen) with stops at the Woodstock Festival, Mt. Lemon and Gates Pass in Tucson…I will miss u my brother

  2. Didn’t see John after Williston but I have lost too many friends from this class. Guess that happens when we get older but glad you are still here Andy. Remember the senior party in NYC? RIP John Bergen – quite the skier as I recall!

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