Edward “Ted” Sexton ’72

SextonTed Sexton was born in Chicago, Illinois May 3rd, 1954. At the age of 14, Ted moved to Gloucester, Massachusetts where he was raised by his Uncle Tom Sexton. It was here that Ted graduated from the University of Massachusetts in 1977.

After graduation, he started his career in the restaurant industry. He held the position of training specialist and eventually became General Manager of several corporate restaurants. This took him all over the U.S.

Ted had a dream. His dream was to one day open his own restaurant. Little did he know he would far exceed his dream. After opening one of the largest chain restaurant’s in Colorado Springs, Ted met his now long-time friend, Franco Pisani. The two had similar dreams, and set off as Entrepreneurs to create their own multi-award winning Paravicini’s Italian Bistro in April of 2003.

Ted was a self-made man who overcame much adversity in life. This helped him grow and become an inspiration to others. He was a great mentor to anyone he came across.

Ted married his wife,Tricia in 2002, and they would have celebrated 12 years of marriage on June 3, 2014. He leaves behind his devoted wife ,Tricia Sexton; his two step-sons, Michael and Ross Caldwell; his Aunt Jane Kane; and UncleTom Sexton; his 2 brothers, Bill Sexton and Mike Sexton; his sister Debbie Williams. He also leaves behind his best friend, Franco and wife, Lynn along with extended family to include all of his co-workers at Paravicini’s, plus all of the patrons who have made his dream come true.

5 thoughts on “Edward “Ted” Sexton ’72”

  1. I am so sad to hear about the passing of Ted. Seeing his class picture brings back many memories: all of them good. He is an important part of the class of 1972 WNS family. My condolences to his family and many friends.

  2. I’m not sure any of us at Age 15-18 in the earl 70s could be referred to as gentlemen, but if possible, Ted Sexton was a gentleman. I remember him fondly as a very kind and decent friend. I’m certain he will be missed greatly by family and close friends. Prayers and blessings to those who grieve.

  3. Ah Ted remember you well. A bit of gentle giant… a bit of an adventurer, back in the day.
    To my classmates…Let’s find out which restaurant Corp he worked for, his favorite meal, make a date, take our families, and have a meal one evening. 01

  4. Very sad indeed. He was a great character and someone who left a lasting impression. You can find a recent photograph of him on Paravicini’s website.

  5. I remember the image of Ted Sexton, from the given photo, moreover than the man himself. This is because, sad to say, I did not have the pleasure of knowing Ted very well during my time at Williston. But there is something about the memory of the time shared at Williston, something about the fact we were part of the same temporary though lasting family, that strikes a chord of sympathy and sadness for Ted’s loss. News of this is another sad reminder of a past that cannot be revisited, of a fellow human being and classmate who is no longer among us. I wish to add my condolences and prayer for those who loved him and knew him best.


    Dan Desjardins, ’72

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