Nathaniel O. Novak (Luff) ’90

Nat Novak (nee Luff) passed away on April 1st, 2017 after a long illness. He leaves behind his wife, Barbara, and his three kids, Jack, Sam, and Lily.
Nat was a loving father, devoted husband, avid cyclist (consistent with his time at Williston), fearless home renovator, talented writer, cook, car geek, and advocate of humanity.
A beloved community member, Nat resided in Glen Ridge, New Jersey, where he served as crew chief of the town’s volunteer ambulance squad.

10 thoughts on “Nathaniel O. Novak (Luff) ’90”

  1. Thank you for sending this note to our class. Nat & I met in Harris Thompson’s 10th grade English class. We became friends and respected each other even though our social circles didn’t overlap that much. I ran into him when we both lived in the Valley in our 20s and it was so refreshing to have a new friendship as adults. We touched base off & on over the years and am just crushed by the news of his illness and passing. We lost someone honest, solid, ethical, generous, kind.

    1. I’m very proud to have known your dad, Lily. He certainly was a great man! My friend Nat continues to inspire me and I miss him!

    2. Lily, her was a great man indeed. He was never prouder I don’t think than when he talked about you and your brothers. His love for you three would shine in his eyes when he spoke about you. I’m proud to have called him my friend.

  2. I told my son recently that you can either live your life so that when people mention your name everyone says, “Yeah, I know him. He’s a great guy.” or you can live it so that people say, “Yeah, I know him, but he’s a jerk.” Without a doubt, Nat chose to live his life so that everyone would say, “Yeah, I know him. He’s a great guy.” He was nothing but kind to me during my 3 years at WNS and it’s heartbreaking to lose one of the good ones. I was lucky to have known him and our class was certainly better for having him as a part of it.

  3. I remember Nat as a gentle spirit whose kindness towards me during my first year at WNS was both welcome and treasured.

  4. I was blessed to have Nat come into the fold of my extended family. He will be deeply missed by many.

    Ginny Weeks (class of ’82)

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