One thought on “Alfred B. Ramage ’70”

  1. For three years Fred and I were members of the sailing team at Williston. Fred crewed for me and he was instrumental in our success as a team and my growth as a sailor. It was a time when we won the Mallory Cup in 1970. Greg Norgeot’72, Doug Robbie’70, Read Ferguson’ 71, and I were the dominant team in eastern prep school sailing in 1970 and again in 1971. The Mallory Trophy was at that time contested for by schools from Ohio to the Atlantic Ocean and Maine to Florida. Today that trophy represents the National High School Sailing Championship. it was a great accomplishment for a landlocked school that sailed on tiny Norwich Lake. I am sure that very few remember that we competed in sailing as a varsity sport, and fewer, that we were at that time the best!

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