Richard T. Potsubay ’59

Richard T. Potsubay, age 79, of Clearwater, Florida passed away on Wednesday, February 10, 2021. Richard was born July 4, 1941 in Brooklyn, New York to Samuel F. Potsubay and Virginia Taylor. Richard lived a devoted life to his career and family. He enjoyed reading, writing, and traveling. There will be a graveside service at 2:00 pm, Saturday, March 6, 2021 at Sylvan Abbey Memorial Park.

4 thoughts on “Richard T. Potsubay ’59”

  1. Pots was a wonderful guy and a strong part of our class. We went on to be a psychologist, specializing in Carl Jung. All of the class are saddened to loose him.

    He had not been able for some time to join us at reunion and his absence was felt by all.

  2. I am saddened to read this morning of the passing of our classmate Dick Potsubay. We met as freshmen at Williston, and I well remember his inviting me to his family’s home for a few days the ensuing summer. Thanks to his kindness and good spirit, we became better friends and then roommates to start our sophomore year , staying in Williston Cottage. Sometime late that fall he was asked to play the same role at Claire House that I was serving at Williston Cottage, requiring that he move there. He did so, and I lost a good roommate. Unfortunately, we lost touch after we graduated , but I will always remember the good times at Williston, including especially those wonderful days together the summer before our sophomore year at the Connecticut River in Holyoke where Dick taught me how to waterski. My condolences to his family.

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