Aldo O. Cipriano ’57

Aldo Orlando Cipriano, of Waterbury, Connecticut; husband of T. Brenda (Stamates) Cipriano; father to Heather DeLorenzo, Brenda Cipriano, Jill Cipriano and Milly Bourdeau; father-in-law to Joseph DeLorenzo and John Bourdeau; and grandfather to Leah, Lindsey, Alexa, Joey, and Dylan DeLorenzo, died Sunday, October 31, 2021.

Aldo was born in Waterbury, September 24, 1937, son of the late Carmine and Ann Marie (Orlando) Cipriano. He was a graduate of Crosby High School, Williston Academy and Colgate University and was a teacher at Wilby High School in Waterbury.

He was an All-American athlete, holding records in the backstroke. He enjoyed fishing, camping, and nature.

Services are private.

6 thoughts on “Aldo O. Cipriano ’57”

  1. Aldo Cipriano was a great guy and friend. He and I roomed next door to one another, along with Ed Kerin, class president and football captain, on the third floor of Ford Hall. The three of us went to Colgate where we tried to room together in a three room suite but the university was having none of that. However we were allowed to have rooms nearby one another. It felt a lot like Ford Hall. Aldo continued his outstanding swimming career at Colgate. But only for two years. As a junior, Aldo auditioned for The Colgate Thirteen a well-known men’s a cappella singing group. During Aldo’s junior and senior years The Thirteen performed at over a hundred venues including the Lake Placid Club, Grossingers, the Castle Harbor Hotel in Bermuda, countless high schools, and maybe a few women’s colleges as well. Aldo was a great addition to The Thirteen, and he was an instant star. Colgate’s swimming coach was not pleased!

    My deepest condolences to Aldo’s wife and family. He was an outstanding and unforgettable individual.

  2. Aldo and I were close while at Williston, not only because we were both swimmers, but because my brother, Foster ’56 and I spent two Thanksgivings with Aldo and his family. Being from California we were among “orphans” at Willison who could not travel far for a family gathering. We spent many enjoyable hours around the Cipriano dinner table. Aldo and I were comrade- in-arms. We were co-captains of the swimming team and pulled our talents together to continue the wins against rival Deerfield. I have fond memories of those times and of Aldo.

  3. Like Foster and Prentiss, I was also a guest for a Thanksgiving meal in the Cipriano household. Cooking took place at several kitchens in the neighborhood in addition to Aldo’s home. The meal was eaten and savored over several hours, a memorable event. I covered Aldo’s swimming exploits as a sportswriter and marveled at his athletic talent. But most of all he was a passionate and caring individual I was proud to call friend.

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