Joel Schiavone ‘54

Joel Schiavone, of New Haven, CT, died in hospice Monday, April 22, 2024, at the age of 87, after a period of declining health.
He is survived by his partner Emily McDiarmid; his children Allyx ‘88, Josie, Bryan, and Maxim Schiavone; and grandchildren Penn ‘20, Josie and Ripley.

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  1. Williston (as t’was known back in the day) was the largest of the several institutions for which Joel had great affection that didn’t get mentioned in the many memorials that quickly appeared on the net, and far larger than his affection for Yale. His efforts not only
    transformed New Haven, when those of others didn’t and couldn’t , but also kept as much of the Class of ’54 together as was possible and even arranged nearly annual reunions in Old Saybook for a few years. His relentless cheeriness was catching, his banjo playing and its offshoots were professsional, and his last years with Emly, in spite of all his medical disasters, were the happiest of his life.

  2. Didn’t know Joel was a graduate of Williston until my father’s death in 2016. At that point my son, a local, had already spent 3 years there. A classmate of my father’s at Harvard business school- I got to know Mr. Schiavone as he visited with my dad as my father progressed through his illness. Never afraid to visit or call, they shared stories between two pariahs who made a difference despite who they were. An interesting, intelligent, and gifted man – who knew what needed to be done and found ways to make it happen. May he and his banjo continue to entertain those he encounters in the afterlife. A character for sure –

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