Donald Cutting ’53

CuttingDonald W. Cutting, 79, of Honolulu, an architect and a Connecticut National Guard veteran, died in Honolulu.   The family had known for months because he had a terminal illness. He was active up to two days before he died, though certainly progressively less active.

He was born in Massachusetts and graduated from Williston Academy in 1953.  Don loved his Williston experience and the friendships he made. Over the years, he “dragged” his wife to several reunions and some of his Williston friends became her’s as well.

He is survived by wife Merrill W., daughters Sarah Cutting Mills and Colby E. Van Alen, and five grandchildren.

6 thoughts on “Donald Cutting ’53”

  1. So sorry to hear of Don ‘s passing. He was an excellent classmate and friend. My thoughts and prayers are with you all.

  2. Don was a special guy with great humor,prowess on the soccer field,sensitive to others needs. We had dinner together several years ago on Oahu How I enjoyed haring and seeing his creations. To the rest of you–“carpe diem”
    Time is running out.

  3. Our friends are dropping away. I saw Don years ago on a business trip. He loved the Oahu life and was a pleasure to see again.

  4. Don was a good friend of mine during my stay at Williston and I last saw him at our 55 th
    reunion – June 2008. He had great loyalty toward Williston and will be greatly missed by
    the school and his remaining former classmates.

  5. Don is a big loss. He co-chaired our 50th reunion and got some twenty of you back for at least one day. I can see him in his soccer or track clothes, the shorts were always too long. He was a great supporter of the school and had a special sense of humor. In later years he kept us supplied with photographic novelties and educational pieces.
    So long to a special friend and profound regrets to his family.

  6. Don was clearly one of the “gang” at Williston. He really loved the humor, and he was a major participant in generating it and laughing along with everyone. The space between his two front teeth was a distinguishing feature, especially for those of us who found joy in the peculiarities of others. My sincere condolences to his family. He was truly a unique character.

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