5 thoughts on “Garrett A. Freebourn ’87”

  1. Garrett and I were six year veterans of WNS, having started together in seventh grade. He was a talented athlete, getting recruited for high school football while still in middle school. He had a delightful, quirky sense of humor, and a sunny personality (I always thought his last name was so fitting because he seemed so “free.”) His preferred mode of transportation on campus was his skate board, but he also liked his unicycle. I lost touch with him after graduation, but could see his ready smile in his Facebook photographs, and it was obvious he delighted in his family and life. I’m so very sorry for their loss. He’s gone much too soon. Rest in peace, Garrett.

  2. So sad to hear about Garrett’s passing, I knew it was coming from his posts and our conversations but it doesn’t make the reality of the news any less painful. Garrett was one of my first true friends at Williston – my parents were connected with his parents as well as part of the mentor program. We played football and sang in Caterwaulers together, and spent countless hours running around campus, the town and western Mass. We stayed connected post-Williston and always tried to meet up when I was in Seattle. I am filled with joy because of the amazing memories of laughter, conversations and shared experiences during our time on campus, as well as how easily we slipped into our conversations even after all these years. My condolences and prayers go out to his family. Rest easy Garrett!

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