Charles C. Savage, Jr. ’61

Charles (Cam) Campbell Savage, Jr. died of heart failure at home in Burlington, VT, January 11, 2021. He was born January 28, 1942 in Schenectady, NY. He moved with his family to Stowe in the early 1940s and remained there for the better part of his life. Cam graduated summa cum laude from Williston Academy in Easthampton, Mass., and from Dartmouth College and Pratt Institute with a degree in architecture. He took time off before graduating from Dartmouth and headed to Hollywood to try his luck at stardom. After a few bit parts in “Gunsmoke” and “The Beverly Hillbillies,” and a brief stint modeling, he decided a college degree was the better choice. Cam designed, built and renovated commercial buildings and private homes throughout his career. He was a creative soul and expressed himself through a variety of mediums. Cam was a lone wolf and took great pleasure in cruising the back roads of Vermont on his various motorcycles. In his youth he played football, hockey and was a wild and crazy skier. The companionship of his dogs and cats over the years gave him solace. In spite of his physical discomfort and challenges, he maintained his sense of humor, avid curiosity and sobriety until the end. He leaves his son, Noah Greer, his sisters Janet and Paige Savage, and his nieces, their husbands and children. Thank you to Cam’s kind neighbors for their help thoughout the last year. In lieu of flowers and cards we ask that you double up on treats for your pets today.

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  1. As a Williston ’61 classmate of Cam’s and a good friend, I remember him as an terrific varsity football and hockey player. I also recall that Cam was an outstanding student. I had another connection with Cam through my aunt and uncle, Ki and Stan Wright, residents of Stowe, VT, who were artists and ran an art school there. Ki and Stan were good friends of Cam’s parents who were owners and innkeepers at Top Notch, a Stowe resort. Although I do not recall seeing Cam after our Williston graduation, I kept in touch with his activities and career for several years through my aunt and uncle. May God bless Cam and may he rest in peace! Rollie Sterrett

  2. Cam and I were close friends and roomed together our junior year. We actually had met a few years before Williston when my sister and I stayed at his family’s Skimore lodge in Stowe, just a short ride from the foot of Mt. Mansfield. He loved regaling me with tales of his best ski buddy and he taking the most dangerous trails on the mountain when they were closed because of too little snow making a challenge between he and Billy Kidd jumping over rocky bare spots as they careened through the air to the next spot of snow. Billy went on to become an Olympic downhill champ. Cam’s other great love was his 1940-50’s Indian motorcycle which he said could do 0-60 in about three seconds but he drove it so madly that he totaled it one summer ending up with a broken limb! He was a terrific hockey player and we enjoyed our years at Williston playing defense together. His height and good strength made him a great tight end on the gridiron but his Hollywood good looks caused him enormous embarrassment with all the girls from ‘Hamp and Smith!
    R.I.P., Cam, and enjoy the slopes of heaven.

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