Alan R. Epstein ’64

It is with great sadness that we share the loss of Alan R. Epstein, who passed away in his sleep on the afternoon of December 15, 2021. He was born to Ethel Baume Epstein and Sidney Epstein. He graduated from Williston Academy and attended Columbia University.

At the age of 13, Alan decided he wanted to become a photographer. And, as he would say, he lived photography every day for decades. He opened his first studio, called The Studio, in 1970 on Maple Street in Holyoke. He operated there for ten years. He then opened Epstein Photography with his wife Laura (Angie) Roy-Epstein. It was a gathering place for artists and creatives, who still speak of him fondly.

Alan was an award-winning visual collaborator and photographic artist who created powerful images. In his studio, Alan recreated the morning light and made cut flowers look like they were dancing in the wind.

Alan will be deeply missed for his inappropriate sense of humor, his cooking, his wild intelligence, and his capacity for long and inspiring conversation. And he will continue to be loved for all these things and so many more.

There is simply no one else like him.

He is survived by his partner Carole Guthrie; his four children, David Epstein, Audra Epstein, Mischa Epstein, and Max Epstein; and grandchildren Isabella Epstein, Gabriel Epstein, and Alexa Wilson.

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  1. Eppy should not have been our teammate, but he was, in spades. His photo album of our undefeated lacrosse team was magnificent and a lasting memory for all of us. Rob Montgomery’s dad had copies made for all of us. I gave mine to Rick Teller as a keepsake for the school. I stayed in touch over the years with Alan and we always had a few words for each other. He was the best of us. I will miss him.

  2. Alan Epstein (“Stein”) was as good a friend as you could ever find. It was great taking a course with him; he enjoyed “rechewing” the material which took content to a new level. He was brilliant and fun to be with. Glen Swanson and I (with a lot of help from Ray Brown) were co-editors of the Willistonian’s Sports Section during our senior year. Having “Stein” as a photographer was like motorizing your bicycle. His photos put the meat on the bones; and, in the meantime, working in his presence was “highlight material”. I loved Alan and regret not staying in closer contact. He is missed. I love you, brother. “Willie” Northway, ‘64

  3. Bob Couch
    Al brought his interest in photography to Williston and helped set up the darkroom under the Science Building entrance. He was the editor of the’64 Log, which I feel was the best yearbook put out in my career at Williston. When photography became part of the curriculum he would invite the Photo II classes to come to his studio. Knowing the present photo lab was to be built in Reed Center he helped considerably with its layout.
    He was a dear friend from the first day I met him and I’ll miss him.

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