10/30 Faculty Meeting Presentation

Here’s what I presented at tonight’s faculty meeting:

Five: I am perfectly happy with the educational technology in my life. I know how to use the tools that are available to me and everything I want to use functions properly.

Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 4.45.31 PM

Fist: The exact opposite of that.

Where are you right now?

My goal is to get you to open up your hands.

Knowing full well that your time is finite and precious, here’s what I have to offer you:

1) Material when you want it: WillistonBlogs.com/EdTech
– Support database
– What’s going on in EdTech: MassCUEYDKWYDK

2) 1:1 training sessions and support
– Hit a wall? Reach out
– Hear of something new? Reach out
– Not sure where to go? Reach out

3) Department office chill time
– There for you to ask questions

Some topics to draw your attention to:

1) Surface Management with HP Classroom Manager
– Has all of the features of LANSchool and more
– Easier to use and more stable
Demo video

2) Screen recording with SnagIt
– Dead simple, stable, and easy screen recording
– Record your class
– Helps inform kids who are absent
– Kids can rewatch something they might need to see again
– Peer review yourself

3) Student screencasts
– The best way to learn is to teach
– Contribute to other classes… here and in the wide world

What I’d like to ask of you:

1) Share great edtch moments!

1) Join up with MattieByrd and me in discussing edtech. We’re having regular discussions about the past, present, and future of edtech and would love to bring in more voices over coffee and tea. Let one of us know if you’d like to get in one the next discussion, and you can be a part of picking the time.


Conf-to-create-smallOn Wednesday, 10/22, MattieByrd McHold and I headed out to Gillette Stadium for the Massachusetts Computer Using Educator’s 2014 Confidence to Create conference.

My overall takeaways:
1) MassCUE knows how to run events. The whole environment was super well organized and had a very positive, fun vibe.
2) We absolutely need to get a Makerbot 3D printer here at Williston. The applications are phenomenal across many disciplines as are the ways they can transform a class.
3) I want to try using Minecraft in my classes. I saw some great ways it could be used in Algebra 2 and have some theories about projects I could run using the system in my Multivariable Calculus classes.
4) Librarians should run the world.
5) I need to encourage more play in my classes.
6) The #MassCUE2014 hashtag is a great way to get LOTS of info on the conference.

Our journey started with a smooth drive through the rain which was nicely devoid of any traffic, which seemed weird since we were heading to a massive stadium.

Registration was easy, even though we both had to get our materials reprinted. Up a few sets of escalators we found ourselves in the heart of the stadium surrounded by an incredibly long column of edtech vendors. For the first time of many, we checked the map and decided to go catch the second half of the keynote speaker, Steve Gross. Our walk took us outside between the East and West sections of the stadium, which gave us a great view of the field!

Steve Gross’ presentation on the importance of play was very smooth, optimistically animated, and well worth attending. I’d love to see his Life is Good Kids Foundation in action.

Next we headed down to the student showcase are where we saw a really strong presentation on 3D printing in the robotics classroom. The HS presenters were poised and excited to share what they had learned and built.

We then made the fun walk over to another area where we sat in on the second half of a presentation covering how to use Minecraft in the classroom. The immediate applications are super fun to consider. The speaker was engaging and gave a great overview of the ways the system could be used in many different areas, from history to mathematics to design.

Next, we stopped by and saw a presentation by a MS librarian, Laura Gardner (@LibratianMsG), on how to leverage social media in libraries. She had some great ways to promote the library and reading in general!

MattieByrd and I then headed to a presentation on effective ways to implement a 1:1 program. The speaker, Justin Reich (@bjfr), was spectacular. His message was clear, his presentation was smooth, and he presented a clear path for a successful 1:1 program implementation:

  • Define a vision
  • Be the example of the lead learner
  • Support teacher development
  • Support teacher to teacher learning
  • Plan for scale
  • Celebrate faculty
  • Assess progress towards your vision

MattieByrd and I then enjoyed a very nice lunch, which was preceded by an unexpected surprise on our walk to the dining area, a view (from a distance) of the Patriots practicing!

We left the conference energized and excited to continue our edtech work at Williston!

7 Ways I Can Help You

My goal is to help make your life easier inside the world of educational technology. Here are seven ways to help make that a reality:

1) Schedule a one on one or group help session. I can generally make just about any time slot work during C, D, E, or F periods. Shoot me an email with a topic and a couple times that work for you, and we’ll go from there.

2) Check out an episode of “You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know, my edtech videocast. Each episode is only a few minutes long and full of tips and tactics that you make find helpful.

3) Ask me to explore a new piece of edtech. Have you just heard about or seen something that you think may be useful in your classroom, but you don’t have the time to do the fully scope it out? I’d be happy to do all the research you need and set you up for success.

4) Have me run a class training session. Introducing a new piece of edtech can be rewarding, but the setup can be frustrating. I’d be very happy to design custom help docs and run training sessions for your students.

5) Check out all of the posted support docs and let me know if you think any should be added. Every Williston edtech help document created anywhere on campus is posted on that page, but it certainly needs to expand.

6) Check out all of the items posted on the Surface Pro resources page. I’ve posted lots of videos and help documents that should aid you in becoming a Surface Pro power user. Again, definitely let me know if you think of anything that should be added to the page.

7) If you ever feel yourself getting anywhere close to this point with any aspect of edtech…

office-space-fax-smash_1123535_GIFSoup.com (1)

…please reach out via email (jseamon@williston.com) or text (802-748-9857).