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All files are PDFs unless otherwise noted.

2016 – 2017

OneNote US and MS T3 Planners (OneNote notebook files)

How to Disable Alerts While Presenting

Adding or Removing Students in OneNote ClassNotebook

My Classroom Technology Worksheet

OneNote Upper School T1 Planner (OneNote notebook file)

OneNote Middle School T1 Planner (OneNote notebook file)

Migrating Classes in Veracross

OneNote Class Notebook Creation

Veracross and Gradeboks

2015 – 2016

Entering Course Recommendations in Veracross

OneNote Upper School T3 Planner (OneNote notebook file)

OneNote Middle School T3 Planner (OneNote notebook file)

Creating Custom Sections in ClassPolicy (URL)

Removing Students from Class Policy Class List

OneNote Upper School T2 Planner (OneNote notebook file)

OneNote Middle School T2 Planner (OneNote notebook file)

Class Policy User Manual (Link)

How to Rename Your Windows Computer (Link)

OneNote Planner Instructions

OneNote Upper School T1 Planner (OneNote notebook file)

How a Student Can Reset Their Microsoft Account Password

Migrating Classes in Veracross

Surface Setup Instructions

Add Office 365 Account to OneNote

Open OneNote Using the Desktop App

Projecting with Wireless Projection

Department Technology Training PowerPoint

Academic Tech Opening Meetings PowerPoint

OneNote Class Notebook Creation

OneNote Class Notebook Access

2014 – 2015

Office Mix Tutorials

Configure Your Computer to Auto Login

T2 OneNote Upper School Planner (’14-’15)

T2 OneNote Middle School Planner (’14-’15)

Instructions for Entering Term Grades and Comments in Veracross

How to Change “Send to OneNote” Settings

How to Turn Off Outlook Desktop Notifications

SnagIt Online Support Database

Reed 3 Printer Installation Instructions

Veracross Grade Detail Reports

Official Veracross knowledgebase (Website)

Audacity – Quick Record Guide

Audacity – Online Manual (Website)

Veracross Updates (10/9/14)

Entering Mid-Term Grades & Comments in Veracross

Reviewing Comments in Veracross

Push2TV (Netgear) Tips

Printing update (9/17/14)

More Veracross Updates (9/17/14)

How do I print? (9/16/14)

HP Classroom Manager (LANSchool Replacement)

How to create a Veracross Start Menu Icon

How to print on campus

Copier Addresses

Getting Started with Veracross – Students

Projecting with Netgear devices

OneNote Sync Setup

Open OneNote Using the Desktop App

How to take attendance

Veracross Updates for Faculty (9/11/14)

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