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Surface Pro: How to adjust your mic sensitivity in Windows 8. A common fix for recorded sound that’s too loud and full of static.

Surface Pro: Draw with touch: What do to when you don’t have your stylus and want to use OneNote

Surface Pro: Change your power settings: Keep your screen on for longer when on battery power

Surface Pro: Windows update settings: Get better control of how and when Windows updates

Surface Pro: Update your audio drivers: Improve the quality of your sound recordings

Surface Pro: How to print double sided: Avoid having to make copies of single-sided printouts

Surface Pro: How to lock the screen orientation: Keep your Surface Pro from changing screen orientation

Surface Pro: How to create a picture (gesture) password: Want to unlock your Surface by drawing a gesture? Here’s how you can set it up.

Surface Pro: Recreate the shortcut back to your desktop: Lose the button that brings you back to desktop mode? Here’s how to get it back.

Surface Pro: How to bring back the start menu: Missing that helpful little button? Here’s how to bring it back.

Windows/OSX: How to reopen an accidentally close browser tab: Shift-Control-T to the rescue!

Master list of all Surface Pro drivers with download options (Installing the audio drivers is a must for people making screen recordings.)

Change your SkyDrive name from “Someone” to your name: This worked for me but took a couple days to take full effect






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