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Digital Ink @ MassCUE 2015

On Thursday, 10/22, the Williston Academic Technology Team of Kim Evelti, Carey Baldwin, and Josh Seamon gave a presentation at MassCUE 2015 on digital ink in the classroom. We were very happy with how the presentation went!

You can view and download our presentation slides right here.

Exploring the Impact of Digital Ink in the Classroom

Last week Andrew Shelffo and I were guest speakers on a webinar that explored the impact of digital ink in the classroom. Here are some resources from that presentation:

Video || PowerPoint PDF

Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 1.24.49 PMIDC recently conducted a K-12 teacher survey on their use of technology in the classroom, and specifically their use of a stylus-based device as a teaching tool. Of the teachers using a digital inking device, 90 percent reported improved quality of curriculum materials, and 67 percent said it increased class preparation time.

With an ever-increasing range of classroom device options, school leaders should consider devices that will most directly support authentic and efficient student-teacher engagement and reduce time spent on nonteaching-related activities. In this webinar, you’ll learn about teacher-reported benefits on using ink in the classroom and how it enables instant student feedback at the “teachable moment.” Hear how using a device with an active stylus provides the personalization and flexibility of a pen and paper, and the immediacy of instant messaging to open and maintain personal connections at the precise moment students would be receptive to feedback, thus enabling better learning.

plotly logoEarlier this month, Ms. Baldwin gave a great presentation on, an online system that lets you easily graph and share your data. Here are the resources she spoke about: pages created by Ms. Baldwin:
Private School Data
Private School Visualization

Wired Magazine – The cost of Legos

Washington Post – Do taxes on the rich leave the middle class with lower wages

Data Sources:

10/30 Faculty Meeting Presentation

Here’s what I presented at tonight’s faculty meeting:

Five: I am perfectly happy with the educational technology in my life. I know how to use the tools that are available to me and everything I want to use functions properly.

Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 4.45.31 PM

Fist: The exact opposite of that.

Where are you right now?

My goal is to get you to open up your hands.

Knowing full well that your time is finite and precious, here’s what I have to offer you:

1) Material when you want it:
– Support database
– What’s going on in EdTech: MassCUEYDKWYDK

2) 1:1 training sessions and support
– Hit a wall? Reach out
– Hear of something new? Reach out
– Not sure where to go? Reach out

3) Department office chill time
– There for you to ask questions

Some topics to draw your attention to:

1) Surface Management with HP Classroom Manager
– Has all of the features of LANSchool and more
– Easier to use and more stable
Demo video

2) Screen recording with SnagIt
– Dead simple, stable, and easy screen recording
– Record your class
– Helps inform kids who are absent
– Kids can rewatch something they might need to see again
– Peer review yourself

3) Student screencasts
– The best way to learn is to teach
– Contribute to other classes… here and in the wide world

What I’d like to ask of you:

1) Share great edtch moments!

1) Join up with MattieByrd and me in discussing edtech. We’re having regular discussions about the past, present, and future of edtech and would love to bring in more voices over coffee and tea. Let one of us know if you’d like to get in one the next discussion, and you can be a part of picking the time.