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Exploring the Impact of Digital Ink in the Classroom

Last week Andrew Shelffo and I were guest speakers on a webinar that explored the impact of digital ink in the classroom. Here are some resources from that presentation:

Video || PowerPoint PDF

Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 1.24.49 PMIDC recently conducted a K-12 teacher survey on their use of technology in the classroom, and specifically their use of a stylus-based device as a teaching tool. Of the teachers using a digital inking device, 90 percent reported improved quality of curriculum materials, and 67 percent said it increased class preparation time.

With an ever-increasing range of classroom device options, school leaders should consider devices that will most directly support authentic and efficient student-teacher engagement and reduce time spent on nonteaching-related activities. In this webinar, you’ll learn about teacher-reported benefits on using ink in the classroom and how it enables instant student feedback at the “teachable moment.” Hear how using a device with an active stylus provides the personalization and flexibility of a pen and paper, and the immediacy of instant messaging to open and maintain personal connections at the precise moment students would be receptive to feedback, thus enabling better learning.