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You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know – Episode 6

As I travel around the academic technology landscape at Williston I come across lots of interesting tidbits of information. I am going to take the best of what I discover and press it into a regular video cast that I call “You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know”. My hope is that you find these tech tips useful and that they make your life easier!

In this episode I talk about short links, a Veracross drobox tip, how to improve audio recording on your Surface, changing the color of a OneNote notebook, a small and stable PDF viewer, and how to bring back an old-style Windows start menu.

Direct link to episode 6
Veracross login shortlink:
Surface audio drive improvement: video, driver download
Sumatra PDF
Start Menu Reviver

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Printing and a short link


A permanent and stable printing method will be in place soon. In the meantime, here is the current status of printing on campus: Instructions (PDF)Copier Addresses (PDF)

Please note that all students should only print to the library and department offices unless given explicit permission by a teacher to use one of the other printers.

Short link:

Yup, you do have the Veracross portal link all over the place, but you may need to type it in manually every now and then. This short link goes to the Veracross portal and may be easier to remember:

Short Survey

I hope everyone had a grand summer and is returning fully recharged for the upcoming school year!

I have a very short three-question survey that I’d like each of you to complete at your earliest convenience. It should take less than a minute or two to fill out and the information you provide will assist me greatly in plotting out the next few weeks and months of my work inside the world of academic technology at Williston.

The survey is online right here.


Navigating the world of educational technology can be daunting. With so many paths to choose from and ladders to learn how to climb, it’s quite easy to become lost and frustrated. When the educational technology world looks something like this:

XKCD Online Communities V2.0
XKCD Online Communities V2.0

…it’s no wonder many people are intimidated.

My #1 goal is to make your educational technology life easier. 

On this site I will be sharing success stories, compiling a database of helpful articles, and posting best practices. I aim to meet you where you are and give you imminently practical ways you can integrate technology effectively into your classroom tomorrow, next semester, and for years to come.

I would like to hear from you when you:
1) Want to learn more: Are you not sure where to go with a particular tool? Have you heard of something you’d like to try, but don’t know where to start? Contact me.
2) Get frustrated: Right when you start to feel the beginning wave of frustration, reach out. I love solving EdTech problems.
3) Any time you want to reach out!

I’m very excited to get to work!


– Josh