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French III Video Project

Ms. Michalski’s French 3 Honors class created a wonderful news broadcast! Check it out!

Here’s what Ms. Michalski had to say about the project:

“As a culminating project after studying media, my French III honors class recently created its own TV station, TV3Monde (after French station, TV5Monde). I divided the class into pairs, and assigned each an area to cover. Kids were asked to give their top 3 choices of interest, based on vocabulary studied, (for example, sports, year in review, editorial piece, fashion/celebrity news, campus news. Etc). They then were required to write their piece, including required grammar and vocabulary, in this case, the vocabulary was media related and thus lent itself perfectly to the project. The grammar we had been studying, too, fit naturally into a newscast: passé composé v. imparfait, object pronouns, interrogative pronouns and adjectives and adverbs. The goals of the project, aside from practicing with the above, collaboration, and fun, was also to speak easily and comfortably between 2-4 minutes, while presenting the news as one would see on the television.

Following the kids’ submission of each of their groups’ clip, all interested kids had the chance to edit the clips into the class newscast, “TV3Monde”. Here is one of the final products.

In terms of technology, kids chose to “interview” non-French speakers and dub/subtitle them, which they reported doing with ease (and great hilarity, in cases). The only issue was, as can be heard in the recording, the variance of the volume, depending on the devices used for recording. This is an issue I’d love to better figure out.”

They did an awesome job – 20 minutes of news!!