NEML and AMC Results!

Our AMC10/12 results are in! Here are our top scorers!

1st – Yihong Zhou
2nd – Shuei Harada
3rd – Daniel Zhang
1st – Ji Soo Hwang
2nd – Junseok Hwang
3rd – Yaning Shi
1st – Junseok Hwang
2nd – Cici Yu
3rd – Yihong Zhou
1st – Ji Soo Hwang
2nd – Yaning Shi
3rd – Qingyun Pan

A big congratulations to Ji Soo Hwang and Junseok Hwang for scoring high enough to qualify for the prestigious AIME!

After 5 rounds of the New England Math League we are currently in 15th place out of 75 teams! The 6th and last round will begin on March 15th!

Here are our overall top scoring mathletes!

1st – Vishal Ramvelu – 25 points
2nd – Anita Hua – 23 points
3rd – Joe Zhou – 20 points
4th – Anfisa Bogdanenko – 17 points
5th – Jack Berrien – 11 points

Here are our top scorers by grade! (1st, 2nd, 3rd)

2021 – Anfisa Bogdanenko, Nikhil Sierros, Ji Soo Hwang
2022 – Vishal Ramvelu, Anita Hua, Francis Cataldo
2023 – Avi Falk, Olivia Lu, Louisa Coughlin
2024 – Joe Zhou, Crystal Tan, Charlotte Zeng
2025 – Jack Berrien