New England Math League 7th + 8th: Record-setting!

What a great day! The largest number of middle schools ever sat for a math event and the 8th grade team pulled in their highest score!

On March 1st, almost half of the Middle School sat for the 7th and 8th grade divisions of the New England Math League! This is the largest number of middle school students to ever compete in a math event at Williston!

The team scores for each division is the sum of the top 5 scorers. Here are the top 5. Please join me in congratulating them and everyone who participated!

8th Grade – Top Finishers: Team score = 115 (New school high score!)

1st – Leo Ahtaridis

2nd – Zivia Parikh

3rd – Adrian Paez

4th – Reece Berrien

5th – Meredith Cross

7th Grade – Top Finishers: Team score = 57

1st – Emma Fein

2nd – Martina Lopez-Raybuck

3rd – Izzy Smith

4th – Elise Edmunds

5th – Mia Pasternak

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