WBGMC 2023 Coming Up!

The Williston Math Team is hard at work getting ready for the 4th annual Whitaker-Bement Girls in Math Competition!

So far 10 schools have signed up and we project ~65 competitors!

You can learn all about the event right here: WBGMC.org

NEML 4 Results 22-23!

27 students sat for the fourth round of the New England Math League! The team earned VERY strong score of 26 on a VERY tough round! Go Wildcats!

The team did extremely well, earning a team score of 26 and an individual average of 2.26!

Here are the top finishers by grade:

  • 12th – 4 points – Getchell Gibbons
  • 11th – 6 points – Jeffrey Warner, Joe Zhou
  • 10th – 6 points – Jack Berrien
  • 9th – 4 points – Douglas Warner
  • 8th – 3 points – Leo Ahtaridis

The team score (26) is the sum of our top 5 scores:

  • 6 points: Jack Berrien, Jeff Warner, Joe Zhou
  • 4 points: Douglas Warner, Getchell Gibbons

Here are the top 3 point earners overall in each grade:

12th: Getchell Gibbos (14), Mason Mish (14), Jimmy Dunn (12)
11th: Jeffrey Warner (22), Joe Zhou (17), Catie Spence (13)
10th: Jack Berrien (21), Sako Lively (10), Carter Cleary (8)
9th: Douglas Warner (16), Brandon Gou (14), Jaelyn Luo (10)
8th: Leo Ahtaridis (5)
7th: Mia Pasternak (3)

The firfth round of the New England Math League will take place on TUESDAY, February 14th in Schoolhouse 25! Anyone at any level of math is welcome to compete! The competition lasts 30 minutes, you may use a calculator, and you must begin before 3:15pm.

January is packed full of awesome! Congrats to Jeffrey Warner!

Lots of fun events are coming up!

You can hear all about them in the fantastic announcement given in assembly:

Monday, January 9th: New England Math League, Round 4! 2:45 to 3:45pm in Schoolhouse 25. Anyone can participate! No signup required. Just show up! You must begin by 3:15pm and you can use a calculator. We are currently in 19th place out of over 100 teams in New England! Let’s get into the top 10!

Tuesday, January 17th: AMC 8! 3:30 to 4:30pm, Middle School. Anyone in 7th or 8th grade can participate. To sign up please email Mr. Seamon-Ingalls. You can learn all about the AMC 8 right here.

Sunday, January 29th: WBGMC! We are hosting ~100 middle school students at our HOME math competition! We need LOTS of help writing questions, grading, recruiting teams, running logistics, and much more. Email Mr. Seamon-Ingalls if you’d like to help out! There is a planning meeting this Friday, January 6th from 7:45 to 8:15am in the Dining Hall. Anyone can join and help out! You can learn all about the event right here.

In other competition news, Jeffrey Warner ’24 has qualified to take the AIME by virtue of his top 3% score on the AMC12! He will be sitting for the 4-hour competition on February 7th! Congrats Jeffrey!