AMC 8 Record! AMC 10/12 Results!

On January 24th, 27 Middle School students sat for the AMC 8 math competition, the largest number ever! What a crew! Well done!

Our AMC 10/12 results just came in!

Here are out top 3 finishers in each event:

AMC 10A:
1st (tie): Sophie Chou, Jeffrey Warner, Yihong Zhou

AMC 12A:
1st: Getchell Gibbons
2nd: Francis Cataldo
3rd: Qingyun Pan

AMC 10B:
1st: Jeffrey Warner
2nd: Yihong Zhou
3rd: Dionysus Lively

AMC 12B:
1st: Francis Cataldo
2nd: Shuei Harada
3rd: Jerry Landman

NEML 4 Results 21-22!

26 students sat for the 4th round of the New England Math League!


On another hard round the team finished with an average individual score of 2.42 and a team score of 22!

Here are the top finishers by grade:

  • 12th – 4 points – Anita Hua, Jerry Landman, Bruton Strange
  • 11th – 5 points – Getchell Gibbons
  • 10th – 5 points – Jeffrey Warner
  • 9th – 4 points – Jack Berrien

The fifth round of the New England Math League will take place on Thursday, February 10th in Schoolhouse 25! Anyone at any level of math is welcome to compete! The competition lasts 30 minutes, you may use a calculator, and you must begin before 3:15pm.

The team score (22) is the sum of our top 5 scores:

  • 5 points: Getchell Gibbons, Jeffrey Warner
  • 4 points: Bruton Strange, Jerry Landman, Anita Hua, Jeffrey Warner, Jack Berrien

Here are our team’s individual high scorers after 3 rounds:

18 points – Jack Berrien
17 points – Bruton Strange
16 points – Shuei Harada, Jeffrey Warner
15 points – Jerry Landman
14 points – Getchell Gibbons, Anita Hua, Joe Zhou
13 points – Francis Cataldo
12 points – Shirley Shi, Dionysus Lively, Alan Rodal, Juanes Vargas