Broadcasting the successes of the Williston Math Team

Whitaker-Bement Girls in Mathematics Competition

Our vision is to bring together 100+ elementary and middle school girls for a day of fun centered around mathematics, empowerment, and growing a strong female-centric mathematics community!

The event lasts all day and is generally in January.

The event is absolutely free!

The event is being built by members of Williston’s math team!

The competition will be comprised of individual and team rounds. There will be two competitive tracks: one designed for elementary school students and one for middle school students.

Teams will be comprised of a maximum of 4 students. Schools/organizations are welcome to send more than one team! We have space for up to 150 competitors!

Individuals and groups of fewer than 4 people can register to compete. These registrants will be given the option to be joined with other similar groups to form teams of 4.

Individual and team prizes will be awarded to top 3 finishers in both the middle and elementary school divisions.

Lunch is included for all participants and coaches.

For more event information and to register please visit:

Questions? Reach out to Josh Seamon (

Broadcasting the successes of the Williston Math Team