’20-’21 New England Math League Final Standings

The ’20-’21 NEML is now complete! After 6 thrilling rounds, Williston finished 16th out of 76 schools!

Please join me in congratulating the whole team!

Here are the top-scoring schools:

Here are Williston’s overall top scoring students:

Here are the top 3 Williston finishers by grade:

2021: Anfisa Bogdanenko, Na Kyung Lee, Kenshin Kadoya

2022: Vishal Ramvelu, Anita Hua, Francis Cataldo

2023: Avi Falk, Olivia Lu, Louisa Coughlin

2024: Joe Zhou, Crystal Tan, Charlotte Zeng

2025: Jack Berrien

Yahya and Jack score big! Ji Soo begins the USAMO!

The results are in from the 7th and 8th grade rounds of the New England Math League!

Yahya Wilson ’26 finished 6th in the 7th grade division and Jack Berrien ’25 finished 28th in the 8th grade! [Competitors from 30 schools from all around New England participated.]

Congratulations Yahya and Jack!

Ji Soo Hwang ’21 began the two-day USA Math Olympiad today. Each day she will have 4.5 hours to work on three proof-based problems. Good luck Ji Soo!

Ji Soo!

Ji Soo Hwang Has Qualified for the USA Math Olympiad!

Ji Soo

By virtue of her 249 index score (AMC12A + 10*AIME score), Ji Soo Hwang ’21 has qualified for the highly selective USA Math Olympiad!

The 2021 USAMO is a two-day event. Each day (April 13th and 14th), Ji Soo will be working on 3 different problems for 4.5 hours.

The top scorers on the USAMO go on to participate in the Math Olympiad Program, a summer program at Carnegie Mellon University. The main purpose of MOP, held since 1974, is to select and train the six members of the U.S. team for the International Mathematical Olympiad.

Good luck Ji Soo!