AMC 8 Results

AMC-lgoWe had a fantastic showing in the AMC 8 math competition! Our performance is especially impressive given that this was the first time Williston participated in the AMC 8!

The competition was 40 minutes long and was made up of 25 multiple choice questions. Calculators were not allowed.

Overall, 13 7th graders and 9 8th graders participated. Our overall average score was 11.5, with the 8th graders averaging 12.8 and the 7th graders averaging 10.6.

Here are our medal winners!

Medal – Name  (Grade,  Score)
Gold – Kenneth Wang (7th, 16)
Gold – Caitlyn Reid (8th, 15)
Silver – Nat Markey (7th, 14)
Silver – Conrad Kang (7th, 14)
Silver – Caleb Stern (8th, 14)
Bronze – Aiden McCreary (8th, 13)
Bronze – Orlee Marini Rapaport (8th, 13)
Bronze – Ryan Dwyer (8th, 13)
Bronze – Julia Farnham (7th, 13)
Bronze – Dora Gordon (8th, 13)


Our full score report is available on the results page. Ask Mr. Seamon if you’d like the password to the page.

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