AMC 10/12B Scores

AMC-lgoOn Wednesday, 2/25, 28 student sat for the AMC 10/12B competitions.

Congratulations on a very strong showing! Our top three competitors in each competition:

AMC 10B:
1) Jack Lee (114)
2) Shirley Zhou (105)
3) Sarah Lee (91.5)

AMC 12B:
1) Tanmay Khale (117)
2) James Kim (82.5)
3) Mike Huang (78)

In order to qualify for the AIME, a student needed to earn above a 100 on the AMC 12B or above 120 on the AMC 10B.

TanmaySpecial recognition goes to the one Williston student who qualified for the AIME, Tanmay Khale! Congratulations Tanmay!

Here’s the complete score rundown:

More detailed team results can be found on the results page.

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