NEML 1 Results 22-23!

25 students sat for the 1st round of the New England Math League!

The team finished with an average individual score of 2.88 and a team score of 23!

Here are the top finishers by grade:

  • 12th – 5 points – Getchell Gibbons
  • 11th – 5 points – Jeffrey Warner
  • 10th – 5 points – Jack Berrien
  • 9th – 4 points –Brandon Guo, Junwon Park, Douglas Warner

The second round of the New England Math League will take place on Tuesday, November 15th in Schoolhouse 25! Anyone at any level of math is welcome to compete! The competition lasts 30 minutes, you may use a calculator, and you must begin before 3:15pm.

The team score (23) is the sum of our top 5 scores:

  • 5 points: Jack Berrien, Getchell Gibbons, Jeffrey Warner
  • 4 points: Connor Capshaw, Jimmy Dunn, Brandon Guo, Junwon Park, Douglas Warner, Daniel Zhang, Joe Zhou

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