US Mathematics Students of the Trimester – Fall 2020

I am excited to announce the Upper School Mathematics Students of the Trimester – Fall 2020!

Each math faculty member was free to choose whichever student of theirs they thought best exemplified what they are looking for in a model mathematics student. The official description of the award is as follows:

“Awarded to students who exemplify the math department’s core values of competence, confidence, and perseverance while helping their peers realize the relevance and importance of an exceptional mathematical education both for its beauty and for its practical application.”

The following students have been recognized as the Upper School Mathematics Students of the Trimester for Fall 2020.

Please join me in congratulating these outstanding mathematics students!

Riiny Giir – Riiny excelled in both classes. He has an exceptionally clear understanding of coding and problem solving. In the Robotics class, he chose to work with MicroPython in the Mindstorms setting. This was taking a definite risk and will prompt a curricular change to that language!
Liz Gluz – Liz started off the term a bit slowly, but quickly made the changes in study habits necessary for success. She saw me frequently for extra help; she did all her homework problems and then even more for additional practice; and she was always one of the first students to raise her hand with questions during class. Her extra effort made all the difference, and her final test score of the fall term was one of the best in the whole class.
Anita Hua – Anita Hua is an exceptionally strong math student, but what makes her truly stand out is her genuine joyous passion for mathematics. She leverages her enthusiasm and academic gifts to conquer even the most complex material, and also help her peers reach the same level of understanding. She was actively engaged in class and on the math team even when she was connecting to classes remotely, and her success and large impact has continued as she transitioned to attending class in person. Bravo Anita!
Felix King – Felix has been a consistently strong AP Calculus student. He comes to class well prepared and ready to work. In class, he is always well focused and engaged in our discussions. He is always willing to lend his insights into the material with his classmates which helps the class move forward. His work ethic and devotion has been exemplary throughout the year.
Andie Kinstle – Andie has been awesome overall in Honors Geometry. Her diagrams and explanations are clear, insightful, and easy for the entire group to follow. She is always willing to share her ideas and help others. She works hard not only to understand the concepts and problems, but also to clearly show this understanding. 
Calvin Klumpp – Calvin has been a leader during discussions. Calvin articulates his thoughts well, he challenges our thinking on concepts, and he gives us alternate ways of approaching problems. Calvin has provided the class with thought provoking ideas without dominating discussion. Not only has he contributed to discussions, but he also just looks out for the class. He will let the teacher know if the screen is still frozen, he will remind us to mute or unmute on Zoom, and he will help solve technical difficulties. His community approach to learner is refreshing and necessary!
Leila Minkara – This fall, despite being virtual, Leila was able to consistently demonstrate her understanding of trigonometry scoring near the top of her class on most assessments. Additionally, Leila did all her work with great detail and always managed to turn it in even when surface issues occurred. Due to her resilience, hard work, and positive attitude I am proud to nominate Leila as my math student of the trimester. 
Sean O’Donnell – Sean has completed an exceptional trimester in Geometry. He is intellectually curious, a diligent worker and a leader with his outstanding class participation. He has strong natural instincts for geometry and his deductive reasoning skills are excellent. Always ready to explain how an answer can be found, Sean supports each of his statements with sound mathematical reasoning and enthusiasm. Congratulations, Sean, on this well earned award! 
Lorenzo Redaelli – Lorenzo has done a wonderful job this fall – adjusting to class in the gym, zoom, and a new school. He has excelled academically and has worked to help others in class. He asks great questions and contributes to the class conversation. He is a leader in class. 
Nick Sobon – Nick demonstrated a fantastic work ethic during the first trimester. In class, he was always engaged and was not shy about volunteering and asking clarifying questions. Additionally, Nick set up extra help sessions on numerous occasions and developed a plan for what was going to make him successful in Geometry. The work that he handed in was also a reflection of his commitment to trying his best. Nick sets a positive example for others and is a pleasure to have in class! 
Sydney Wegner – Sydney showed determination to not only do well, but to truly comprehend all the material. She came to every class attentive and engaged. Sydney showed her peers that giving up on a problem is not an option.

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