Things to check out – 4/24/14

At the last few Math Departments I have taken to sharing several “Things to check out” — articles, videos, and websites that have come to my attention that are worth checking out. I thought I would start sharing those resources on this blog. Here’s what I shared at today’s meeting:

Website: Gaudi Columns [Thanks Ms. Chambers!]
Article: David Thornburg on Open-Source Textbooks [Thanks Mrs. Baldwin!]
Website: Fractals and Fugues [Thanks Mr. Tuleja!]

Video: Mercury Hz [Thanks Mrs. McCullagh]

Video: Calculus II Summer Course Trailer [Thanks Jesse Ware!]

Mapping Running routes in San Francisco

Check out this awesome message and visualization created by Mrs. Baldwin!

“R is arguably the most powerful statistical analysis tool out there. Its features extend far into the world of data visualization. After the AP Statistics exam, students will have the opportunity to learn and develop their skills in the R environment creating graphics such as this. The graphic overlays data from RunKeeper onto a map of San Francisco. This visualization shows the most frequently travelled routes for runners in the city!

Inspiration and script from”