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Math Resource Center

The Math Resource Center has moved!

We are now located in the library just to the right of The Writing Center.

The Math Resource Center: Your Ticket to Mathematical Greatness!!!

  • Did you have trouble with last night’s math homework?
  • Were you sick today and missed your Algebra 2 class?
  • Do you want to know how to answer the question about congruence for the Geometry quiz?
  • Do you just like hanging out with cool people?

If your answer to any of the above questions was “YES!” then you need to come on over to the Math Resource Center. We have tutors during the day and faculty during the evenings ready and eager to answer your questions. Check the schedule; at least twice a week a tutor should be there during YOUR free period. And if you can’t come by during the day? Well then, stop by during study hall for help then too.

Find us on the second floor of the library, right next door to The Writing Center!

Our motto is “math is cool and everybody can do it”!

Mrs. Hill, the Math Department, and the math tutors extraordinaire!

Math Resource Center Promo Video

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All about math department projects and events.