Screencasting in Algebra 2 & Graphing Fun!

Mrs. Whipple just sent in some materials from her Algebra 2 Honors class. They’ve just begun screencasting and her students are off to a great start! Here’s one of the first screencasts to be produced:

Her classes have recently been working on graphing a variety of functions, and as always, some students LOVE drawing on their desks! (With whiteboard markers of course!)

Check out some of their work:

Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 8.00.24 PM

FluidMath Demonstraton

Screen Shot 2016-01-15 at 11.40.17 AMFluidMath is a math teaching and learning software designed for Tablet PC’s and other pen-centric computer systems. The Williston Math Department is currently investigating the system for possible introduction into our classrooms.

Today, Andrew from FluidMath gave a demonstration of what the program can do:

Here are some additional resources:

Students Teaching Students in the Math Resource Center

Mrs. Baldwin writes in about the MRC:

Ms. Anderson
Ms. Anderson

The Math Resource Center (MRC) is run by math teacher Ms. Libby Anderson. The MRC offers peer tutoring with math faculty oversight throughout the academic day and on two evenings a week. The tutors meet with students on a drop in basis for help with homework, to review a concept or prepare for a test. We are fortunate to have an entire classroom on the math floor devoted to the MRC. It is a welcoming environment with three large tables and three whiteboards. It is not uncommon to walk by the MRC and find a student and tutor or student and math teacher working engaged in problem-solving at the whiteboard.

Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 8.15.37 AM

Libby has worked tirelessly to make this center operational. At the beginning of the year, she held meetings and trainings to make sure the tutors were prepared to begin working with students. She meets with and solicits feedback frequently and continuously adjusts the schedule to meet the needs of students. She sends out a weekly update early each week to the entire student body reminding them of math tutor availability. She has added tutors throughout the year using a thorough application process. There are now 19 tutors taking shifts each week. All of us in the math department care deeply about providing our students with support and appreciate Libby’s dedication to the MRC. An exciting development this year has been the coordination between the MRC and Arete, a subject wide peer tutoring program run by language teacher Karen Ram. Arete helps students connect with an individual tutor with whom that student may meet on a regular basis. Libby and Karen have been in close contact in order to streamline the process for connecting students with tutors.

One month of recorded visits to MRC.
One month of recorded visits to MRC.