A BIG two weeks!

The Math Team has been busy! Here’s what’s coming up:

Tuesday, 12/2: Math Team meeting, 3-3:30pm, SH25
Monday, 12/8: USA Math Talent Search #2 due. Math Team meeting, 2:50-3:30pm, SH25.
Tuesday, 12/9: NEML #3, 3-3:30, SH27 [Anyone can participate!]
Tuesday, 12/16: Math Team meeting, 3-3:30pm, Sh25

Here’s what been going on for the past two weeks:

On the 11th, 28 students participated in the second round of the New England Math League. You can read all about the competition right here.

What an event!

On the 15th, 6 students and I traveled to Harvard for the Harvard-MIT Math Competition! In all, 140 teams were present from all over the US and beyond!

There were over 800 students competing!

The competition was broken into four rounds: two individual and two team that you can learn more about right here. It’s was an incredible event to behold. So much amazing math energy all in one place.

Our competitors found the rounds challenging but quite fun!

The last round (GUTs) was particular entertaining: Teams worked together and ran their solutions to the graders for immediate scoring. Each problem was worth differing amounts of points ranging from 1 to 15.  All of the coaches and spectators were in another room watching the live scoreboard update in real time!

Overall we had a GRAND time and were very happy with our results which you can view right here. We can’t wait to return for HMMT 2015!

On the 17th, the Math Team had its regular meeting and spent the majority of the time working on the PUMaC (Princeton) Power Competition questions. Our PUMaC remote team is comprised of: James Kim, Ray (DongHo) Kim, Jack (Dong Ha) Lee, Alicia Lima, Nam Pham, Michael (Nghia) Tran, Derrick Zhao, and Shirley Zhou.

Math Team Meeting FUN! :)
Math Team Meeting FUN! 🙂

On the 18th, 22 middle students sat for the AMC 8 math competition. The students had 40 minutes to complete 25 multiple choice questions. This is the first time we’ve run the AMC 8 and it was really exciting to have a quarter of the whole middle school choose to participate!


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