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Math Resource Center

Hello Everyone!

My name is Mrs. Hill, and this year I am coordinating the Mathematics Resource Center. We now have a whole gang of wonderfully helpful, articulate, and supportive math tutors who are ready and willing to help you in the MRC! In fact, we have so many tutors this year that we will be able to offer expanded hours, so that hopefully everyone can make use of this facility. If you have a bunch of questions before a test, or if you just want to feel like you have some support while you get your math assignment done, these are the perfect people to ask.

Also, this year, I will be spending time in the Math Resource Center helping out as well, In fact if you look at the schedule, you’ll see that I will be at the MRC a number of times over the two week cycle. So if you are a little nervous about asking another student for help, you can come find me instead!

Here are some very key details for all of you to know:

  • This is a student-run drop-in tutoring center. No appointment is necessary.
  • You can arrive any time during the period and stay as long as you need.
  • The Math Resource Center is room #28 in the Schoolhouse. Tutoring takes place in the center during the class day. Tutoring is also available on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings.
  • If at all possible, PLEASE BRING YOUR TEXTBOOK. We are working on getting a set of student editions for the resource room but are still waiting on this.

I hope that many of you discover this fantastic support system and take advantage of the service these tutors are offering.

See you on the math floor!

Mrs. Hill, the Math Department, and the math tutors extraordinaire!

Math Resource Center Promo Video


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All about math department projects and events.