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Williston Math Teacher to Present at Math Conference

JMMWilliston math teacher Mia Smith will be traveling to Atlanta this January to present a paper at the Joint Mathematics Meetings, the largest mathematics meeting in the world.

Smith authored the paper “Colorful Graph Associahedra” with Professor Satyan Devadoss while at Williams. From the abstract:

Mia Smith
Mia Smith

“Given a graph G, there exists a simple convex polytope called the graph associahedron whose face poset is based on the connected subgraphs of G. Motivated by ideas in algebraic topology and computational geometry, we define the colorful graph associahedron based on an assignment of a color parameter. We show it to be a simple abstract polytope, provide its construction based on the classical permutohedron and prove various combinatorial and topological properties.”

Congratulations, Ms. Smith!