US Mathematics Students of the Trimester – Spring 2018

I am excited to announce the Upper School Mathematics Students of the Trimester – Spring 2018!

Each math faculty member was free to choose whichever student of theirs they thought best exemplified what they are looking for in a model mathematics student. The official description of the award is as follows:

“Awarded to students who exemplify the math department’s core values of competence, confidence, and perseverance while helping their peers realize the relevance and importance of an exceptional mathematical education both for its beauty and for its practical application.”

The following students have been recognized as the Upper School Mathematics Students of the Trimester for Spring 2018.

Please join me in congratulating these outstanding mathematics students!

Brie Banas – Brie has been a consistently strong leader in the class. She never hesitates to share her ideas with her classmates. Brie has never backed down from any challenging problems and pushes others to keep up with her.
Rider Bishop – Rider did outstanding work in Java this term. His curiosity, dedication, and skill are inspirational. During our final project, Rider and his partner collaborated seamlessly to attack the most challenging aspects of the project with speed and accuracy. Rider has also offered to share his talents as a peer tutor to support the efforts of other coders, a testament to his unselfish and helpful nature!
Gabby Dicomitis – Gabby made remarkable progress over the course of the year, finishing particularly well. She came to class excited and ready to do her best every day. The course challenged her and she embraced the challenge!
Ji Soo Hwang – As a freshman, Ji Soo was a very dedicated and hard working math student. She picked up difficult concepts quite quickly. Ji Soo was always a pleasure to work with in class.
Sophie Little – Sophie is incredibly thorough and thoughtful in her work. She demonstrates a remarkable persistence in her problem-solving and frequently comes to class with a list of prepared questions from the homework. This Spring, students worked on an open-ended data analysis project. Sophie chose to study the patterns in HIV and wealth in countries of the World. She was able to find some interesting associations between her variables and put together an insightful report that was sophisticated yet clear and easy to read. I appreciated her accurate use of statistical methodology and the depth of her analysis. Great work, Sophie!
Alex Marwaha – He brought in his extra knowledge from Physics and Robotics competition experiences into the classroom, completed his work at an exemplary level and then made himself available to his peers by helping them debug their work and bringing them to successful completions. He epitomizes the adage, “Show your mastery of skills by making others do it.”
Joey Nolte – Joey steadily improved over the course of the year in Algebra 2. His attention to detail in T3 was excellent and he grade rose over each trimester, eventually to a high A. His participation in class increased as well as he grew in confidence with his communication skills and his math skills.
Yana Pyryalina – Yana works. Hard. I am a huge fan of her tenacity. BC/Multi is a particularly challenging class, especially as the course develops, and Yana always leaned in to everything we covered. I expect my students to advocate for themselves and Yana smoothly did just that all year, diving into extra help sessions with a singular purpose as well as happily working in small groups. She was a fantastic role model for her classmates. Well done Yana!
Shanet Ramirez – Sahnet has had a remarkable year in Algebra II. She is actively engaged in all aspects of class and she leads her classmates in terms of participation. Everyone in room 24 has learned from Sahnet. Always ready to volunteer an answer or demonstrate her work at the board, Sahnet is a relentless student of algebra. She enjoys bringing multiple concepts together in a problem and she can articulate how she completes a question with confidence. Congratulations Sahnet!
Sabrina Shao – Sabrina has been a strong participant in class all year. She has a strong understanding of the content but also is willing to share her knowledge with the class. She has been seen day in and day out working with classmates through a problem and helping them see her organized thought processes. She doesn’t mind being challenged by the tougher problems and learns even the small details in completing a problem. The positive attitude that she brings each day helps make the class run smoothly.
Tayah Sommer – Tayah came to class everyday ready to learn. She worked incredibly hard out of the classroom to maintain a strong understanding of the material. Tayah has a great spirit and her classmates love working with her.
Steven Wang – Steven is an extraordinary mathematician – a truly gifted scholar. There was little if anything I was able to teach him this year – he already knew all of college level discrete mathematics. That said, he was an unbelievably strong student, missing fewer than five points the entire term on all assignments combined. It was also wonderful to see Steven’s humor start to emerge over the course of the year; he can definitely laugh at himself. I will remember teaching Steven for a long time.

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