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Links of the Week

Today might not be a school day for the kids here at Williston, but the faculty is hard at work having a blast at our professional development day! The department is currently connection in small subject groups. Also, here are some of the resources I shared this morning:

Article (Mashable): 10 Rockstar Teachers on Twitter
Article (RPI alum magazine): Solving Problems
Podcast (Planet Money): Will a computer decide whether you get your next job?
Puzzle MANIA (MIT): 2014 Mystery Hunt
Website: Google Glass in Music Education
Video (Edward Frenkel): Why do people hate mathematics?
Resource (Website): Lymboo
Article (EdTech): 7 video tutorials on how to create posters and infographics using piktochart

Screen Shot 2014-02-03 at 11.30.53 AM