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Links of the Week

Today might not be a school day for the kids here at Williston, but the faculty is hard at work having a blast at our professional development day! The department is currently connection in small subject groups. Also, here are some of the resources I shared this morning:

Article (Mashable): 10 Rockstar Teachers on Twitter
Article (RPI alum magazine): Solving Problems
Podcast (Planet Money): Will a computer decide whether you get your next job?
Puzzle MANIA (MIT): 2014 Mystery Hunt
Website: Google Glass in Music Education
Video (Edward Frenkel): Why do people hate mathematics?
Resource (Website): Lymboo
Article (EdTech): 7 video tutorials on how to create posters and infographics using piktochart

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Technology In My Classroom

It’s a big year for technology in the classroom at Williston. 550+ Surface Pros have been deployed to the eager hands of every student and faculty member. The WiFi network has been amped up, and Schoology is being used in every class. Here’s what I have planned for my classes:

OneNote: Everything that I present will be done through OneNote and projected onto the board. I am also requiring that all of my students complete all of their homework in OneNote. My presentation notebook is shared with all of my students. This means that (as long as they have an active internet connection) they will have live access on their own Surface to the notes I am presenting in class.

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