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What we’re reading – October 2016

We’re constantly working to improve our craft here in the Williston Mathematics Department. Here are some of the items we’ve been reading and watching lately:

Article: Study Shows Computer Science Gap Begins Early

Article: A Simple Solution to the STEM Crisis: Do We Have the Will to Lead the Way?

Article: How the Geometry of Movies Can Change the Way We Think

Video: Sal Khan speaks at TED about mastery-based learning

Video: A tiny origami robot can deliver medicine once it’s inside a person’s body

Math, Ultimate, and Origami

Due to a generous Williston professional development grant, I was able to spend all of Spring Break traveling through Israel and the West Bank. I visited schools, saw math classes in action, folded Origami with masters, taught Ultimate, and saw many new places.

Cranes in the Western Wall
Cranes in the Western Wall

You can read about my travels in these three blog posts:

Math, Ultimate, and Origami – Update 1
Math, Ultimate, and Origami – Update 2
Math, Ultimate, and Origami – Update 3

Off to the Middle East!

Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 2.54.41 PMDue to a generous grant from the Williston professional development program, I will be traveling to the Middle East for 17 days to visit math departments, coach Ultimate, and fold origami. I leave on 3/5 and return on 3/22.

While in Israel and the West Bank I will be visiting Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Ramallah, Bethlehem, Beit Sahour, Tamra, Ra’anana, and several other cities.

Needless to say, I am incredibly excited.

While traveling I will be posting updates to my Facebook and Twitter feeds.

Microsoft dropped by!

The Microsoft Surface media team visited my BC & Multivariable Calculus class today to do some filming for Surface promo materials. The class went really well and I got to fold (!) in some Origami into my lesson. I’ll be sure to post links to the final promo product(s) as soon as they air.

Here’s my screen recording from class: