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Microsoft dropped by!

The Microsoft Surface media team visited my BC & Multivariable Calculus class today to do some filming for Surface promo materials. The class went really well and I got to fold (!) in some Origami into my lesson. I’ll be sure to post links to the final promo product(s) as soon as they air.

Here’s my screen recording from class:

The Star Project

Over the past week my BC & Multivariable Calculus class has begun their journey working through the wonderful land of three dimensional space. In order to get my students to think more deeply about the dimensions they are now operating within, I have been working Origami into my lessons. I started with hyperbolic paraboloids and now have just taught them the first few skills they will need to create their own 60-piece stars.


They now know how to make the pieces and over the next few days I will be helping them figure out how to fit them together into a closed, 60-piece star! Here’s what the whole process looks like:

Trustee Tech Presentation

Last night I had the honor of giving a short technology integration presentation to the trustees. In it I talked about what I do with technology in my classroom, why I do it, and where technology integration is heading. The presentation slides, which include embedded video, can be viewed right here:

Screen Shot 2013-10-05 at 9.53.14 AM

Here are the materials I referenced/sampled in the presentation:
SAMR in 120 Seconds (Video)
SHIFT Happens Home (Website)
Iowa, Did You Know? (SHIFT Happens 5.0 – Video)
The NMC Horizon Report: K-12 Edition (Document)

Technology In My Classroom

It’s a big year for technology in the classroom at Williston. 550+ Surface Pros have been deployed to the eager hands of every student and faculty member. The WiFi network has been amped up, and Schoology is being used in every class. Here’s what I have planned for my classes:

OneNote: Everything that I present will be done through OneNote and projected onto the board. I am also requiring that all of my students complete all of their homework in OneNote. My presentation notebook is shared with all of my students. This means that (as long as they have an active internet connection) they will have live access on their own Surface to the notes I am presenting in class.

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